Investment regulation - Cyprus


Holding restrictions

The Cypriot government has liberalised its foreign direct investment policy for both EU and non-EU nationals.

For the capital distribution aspect of portfolio investment, foreign investors are subject to the same CSE rules and regulations as Cypriots or other EU nationals.

Investors may acquire up to 100% of the share capital of any Cypriot company listed on the CSE, except those operating in the banking sector.

If the Central Bank approves, residents or non-residents can own, directly or indirectly, 10% or more of a banking company's share capital or voting stock. Banking companies are also required to obtain the Central Bank's approval before registering more than 50% of their share capital in the name of nonresidents. In some other sectors, such as private tertiary education institutions, broadcasting corporations etc., permits or consents may be required under specific laws. There are currently no companies in such sectors listed on the CSE.

Note: It is the responsibility of the CBL customer to ensure compliance with local holding restrictions. If a requirement is not met, it is the customer that will be liable for any related penalty. Customers may wish to seek independent legal advice on the interpretation of Cypriot holding restrictions.

Disclosure requirements

For details of the local domestic disclosure requirements, please refer to the Disclosure Requirements.