Securities administration - Ireland


Income collection

Equities and corporate bonds

Market Record date

Set by the registrar, usually 3 to 4 weeks before Payment date


Set by the SE, usually Record date +2 weeks

Basis for entitlement

Record date

Standard interest calculation rule

Equities: Not applicable

Corporate bonds: Actual/Actual

Government bonds

Market Record date

Payment date – 1


Record date – 1

Basis for entitlement

Record date

Standard interest calculation rule


Euroclear Bank detects and/or processes market claims on against payment and free of payment transactions in Irish corporate securities related to income payments (interest, cash dividends, dividend reinvestments, dividends with options), bonus issues and rights distributions.

Euroclear Bank further offers transformations on mandatory reorganisations in securities without options.

For market compensation process in the CREST system, please refer to UK Market Profile.

Corporate actions

Most common corporate events

The most common events in the Irish market are cash stock options (drips, scrips), rights issues/subscriptions, bonuses, takeovers / mergers, splits/reverse splits.

Organisation of AGM/EGMs

There is no rule or peak season for local company AGM. Local companies are not required to publish or announce the AGM.

Other market specifics

There may be meetings on Irish corporate securities for which Euroclear Bank internal deadline may be either before or after the record date. In function of the order of dates, Euroclear Bank processes voting instructions as follows:

  • if Euroclear Bank deadline date and time is before the record date, Euroclear Bank will block the instructed position until end-of-day on the record date;
  • if Euroclear Bank deadline date and time is after the record date, Euroclear Bank will not block the instructed position.