Cash services - Russia


The Russian Ruble (RUB) is not an eligible settlement currency. 

Customers may not pay funds into this account.

Customers are asked either to ensure that they transfer RUB income proceeds to their own cash correspondent bank or to make appropriate foreign exchange arrangements to withdraw RUB balances no later than PD+1.

Given the uncertain context, this situation may evolve in the future. Clearstream Banking requests customers to always make an appropriate determination that instructions comply with all applicable sanctions, including those of the EU, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Currency:Russian Ruble (RUB)
CCB name:AO Raffeisenbank Moscow
CBL account:30111810800000000091

Sanctions monitoring could ultimately delay or prevent execution of withdrawal of funds. To avoid delays and to ensure the execution of their payments on the expected VD, customers are required to instruct and fund according to the standard deadline for executing same-day payments, as set out in the Clearstream Banking Cash Timings Matrix.

An example and guidance to instruct via AO Raffeisenbank is shown below. Any deviation from the template will lead to a rejection of the payment at AO Raffeisenbank.

MT202 guidance

:57D:// Domestic BIC and Correspondent account with Central Bank of Russia
Local Russian Bank  SWIFT (optional)
Name of Local Russian Bank

:58A:/account number of the beneficiary bank
SWIFT of the beneficiary bank

:72:/BNF/(VO Code) + short reason wording

MT202 example

Bank Name
58A:/ 30102010xxxxxxxxxxxx
72:/BNF/(VO Code) Transfer