Form 5000 BO type values - France (securities held in BNP Paribas S.A.)


When completing the Form 5000 Certificate of Residence or Attestation of Percentage, the customer must provide, in Box II, the most appropriate BO type value from the following list:

CodeBO typeCodeBO typeCodeBO type
01Individual14Insurance Company24Local Authority / Province
02Legal Entity15Provident Company25The State
04Pension Fund16Investment Fund31Mutual Fund Corporation
05RIC / REIT / REMIC17Charity32Mutual Fund Trust a
07Corporation18Foundation33Pooled Fund Trust
08Instit.Invest.19Church35Unit Trust Canada
09OPCVM20University40Foreign Financial Institution
10Mutual Fund21Not For Profit Organisation41Bank and Foreign Financial Institution
12Parent Company CEE22Unit Trust UK57Central Bank
13Tax Exempt Entity23Public Legal entity90International Organisation
91Foreign CIV

a. Only if 100% Canadian resident.

N.B.: It is the BO type value (not the code) that must be used, where appropriate, on the Forms 5000.