Equities - rates, eligibility, availability of relief etc. - Hungary


Withholding Tax

Holding restrictions aYes
Standard rate on equities15%b


a. Applicable to Hungarian individuals holding non-listed Hungarian equities.
b. Before January 2016, the standard withholding tax rate on Hungarian equities was 16%.

Eligible beneficial owners

 Relief at sourceQuick refund aStandard refund
Individuals resident of Double Taxation Treaty (DTT) countriesYesNoYes
Legal entities not resident in HungaryYesYesYes
Legal entities resident in HungaryYesYesNo
Individuals resident in HungaryNoNoNo


a. Quick refund of withholding tax is only available if the issuer agrees to revise their declaration to the Hungarian Tax Authorities.

Availability of relief

Depending on their residency and status, relief of withholding tax is available to eligible beneficial owners through Clearstream Banking by means of relief at source, quick refund or standard refund procedures, as described in the following sections.

Click on the image for a larger view of the diagram showing the availability of relief at source and/or reclaim on withholding tax on income from Hungarian equities.