General information - International (CBF)


CBF eligible security types

Selected Eurobonds eligible as ECB collateral:

  • Selected Eurobonds eligible at the Stock Exchange1.
  • Selected Eurobonds eligible in Eurex CCP (Non Repo)2.
  • Physical form: NGN.
  • Safekeeping: Common Safekeeper.
  • Issuing CSD: Clearstream and Euroclear Bank.
  • Denomination currency: All currencies as appearing on ECB list.
  • Settlement currency: EUR3.
  • Selected LU & IE ISIN (ETF). 


Clearstream Banking S.A.
42 Avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg

Cash correspondent details


Euro (EUR) via TARGET2

CCB name:


CBF account:

RTGS account of a direct TARGET2 participant


1. Available at second cut-over.

2. Available at second cut-over.

3. Exceptions apply for assets eligible for first and second cut-over.