Information for T2S Release 1.3.1 - Deployment Date for 20 November 2017


Note: The T2S Release 1.3.1 is postponed until further notice. For further information please refer to Announcement D17065, dated 14 November 2017.

Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt1 would like to inform customers about the content of the T2S Release 1.3.1 and CBF enhancements that will be introduced in the context with CBF services enabled for T2S. These modifications will be introduced on

Monday, 20 November 2017.

Besides the functional changes that will be outlined with this announcement, CBF announced further enhancements with the announcement “CBF Release in November 2017: Advance announcement of changes (D17037)”. All CBF enhancements will be bundled and implemented in one step.

This announcement provides

  • A summary about the scope of T2S Release 1.3.1;
  • A description of modifications in CBF software related to T2S;
  • An overview of customer simulation activities in preparation of the T2S and CBF releases in November 2017;
  • A “Customer Readiness Plan” until end of 2017.

In addition to this announcement customers will find attached the file “T2S Release 1.3.1 Problem Tickets (PBIs)” that shows an overview of T2S Problem Tickets (PBIs) that might have impact on CBF customers.


1. This announcement is published by Clearstream Banking AG (CBF), registered office at Mergenthalerallee 61, 65760 Eschborn, Germany, registered with the Commercial Register of the District Court in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, under number HRB 7500.