OSCAR: The next-generation collateral application enters onboarding phase


Clearstream is now ready to start onboarding customers into the Own Selection Criteria with Automated Reasoning (OSCAR) application.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and natural language processing, OSCAR allows clients to easily enter collateral profile rules in plain English and makes suggestions for clear, easy-to-read rules. The negotiation process can be reduced from weeks to just hours.

Negotiation workflow

OSCAR includes a full negotiation workflow process between both parties. Once they are satisfied, the profile can be authorised within the application with the option for 4 eyes validation, eliminating the need for additional signatures or SWIFT messages.

Next steps

In the future, Clearstream aims to expand its services to include automation of marriage broking and trade suggestion, using artificial intelligence and data mining to assist customers in understanding market demand, identifying lending opportunities, and aligning with ESG standards.

GFF Summit 2023

Visit us at the GFF Summit in Luxembourg and don’t miss our demonstration of OSCAR at the Clearstream booth.