CBF Fileservice Migration to Xact: Grant access to “CBF File Service – Download”


Starting from 3 April 2023, Xact administrators can grant access to their users to the new functional role “CBF File Service – Download” available under the Xact Web Portal Reporting service. More details about the CBF Fileservice migration to Xact can be found in Announcement D22076.

The CBF list reporting / files will be made available via Xact Web Portal as of 2 May 2023. Therefore, the user setup for the new CBF File Service in Xact is due by 28 April 2023.

Furthermore, CBF recommends clients checking the accounts assigned to their Xact Organisational Unit (OU) to ensure that all CBF account masters which currently are technical receiver accounts for a reporting in the existing CBF Fileservice will continue to receive these files after the migration of the CBF Fileservice to Xact on 2 May 2023. The assignment of additional accounts to an Xact OU can be arranged for by contacting connect@clearstream.com.