Xact Web Portal Collateral Management tutorials


This page provides the tutorials for the Xact Web Portal Collateral Management module that provide information about how to create and query instructions and exposures.

Collateral Mapper dashboard

How to adjust Principal exposure amount on TCMS exposure

How to release pending instructions

How to set closing date

How to cancel an exposure

How to create a new TRS exposure

How to set the Repo Rate for TRS Exposure

How to perform an Eligibility check

How to perform Principal Adjustment for TSLS2

How to query for Contracts

How to query for Exposures

How to create matching instructions or Allegment

How to query for Collateral Cash and Securities

How to perform a file upload for multiple instructions

How to create a new exposure for TSLS2

CmaX reports in Xact Web Portal

Standard reports in Xact Web Portal