Other services - Russia


Disclosure requirements

CBL may at any time be required by national and/or local administrative and judicial Russian authorities or entities to disclose information about CBL customers and/or beneficial owners holding positions in Russian securities. Details to be provided may vary and CBL will, where relevant, contact its customers to collect the requested information.

By holding Russian securities with CBL, customers must grant and are hereby deemed to grant CBL the authorisation to disclose their name, address and their respective holdings (or any other relevant information) in relation to Russian securities to Russian administrative and judicial authorities or entities, as and when requested. Customers who are either unable or not permitted to disclose beneficial owner information or any other requested information must not hold Russian securities in CBL. Any penalty or loss faced by CBL as a result of non-disclosure by a customer will be immediately passed on to the non-compliant party.

Please refer to the Disclosure Requirements - Russia.

Holding restrictions

Please refer to the Investment regulation section of the Market Profile - Russia.

Note: Prior approval of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) is required whenever an individual, company or group of companies acquires:

  • Over 20% of the voting equity interests (for example, shares in stock companies or allotments in limited liability companies) of a Russian “business entity” (that is, a stock company or a limited liability company). This rule applies even if the acquirer already has more than 20% of the voting equity interest in the company;
  • Rights to “determine the entrepreneurial activity” of a Russian business entity, or to function as the management body thereof.

For further information on the acquisition of local bank shares, customers should contact Clearstream Banking’s Corporate Action Department directly:


+49 (0) 69 2 11-1 53 40


+49 (0) 69 2 11-1 53 24


+49 (0) 69 2 11-1 42 40


+49 (0) 69 2 11-1 40 90

Tax services

Please refer to the Market Taxation Guide - Russia.


The customer acknowledges and accepts its obligation to comply and ensure compliance by any of the customer’s underlying clients, up to the ultimate [legal and] beneficial owner, with any applicable law, regulation, sanction, order, judgment, injunction, asset freeze, blocking regulation or order or any other act or action of, or by, any national or foreign government, authority, court, (self-) regulatory organisation, government agency or instrumentality of government, including, but not limited to, investment and holding restrictions applicable to any of the customer, its underlying clients or CBL. The customer shall not, by action or inaction, cause CBL to violate any applicable Regulation and shall be liable for and hold CBL harmless against any direct or indirect loss, claim, damage, liability or expense, imposed on or incurred by or asserted against CBL in connection with any actual or alleged non-compliance with the aforesaid by the customer or any underlying client of such customer up to the ultimate [legal and] beneficial owner.