Instruction specifications - Specialist Depository - Xact via SWIFT and Xact File Transfer - International (CBL)


In the following table, M=Mandatory; O=Optional; C=Conditional;
Seq=SWIFT Message (sub)sequence.

Deliver FreeSeq
O:98a::TRAD//Trade date/timeB
O:90a::DEAL//Deal price
O:70E::SPRO‘Redemption’ or ‘Transfer’ as applicable
M:95C::PSET//XX (2-character country code)E1
M:95Q::REAG//Counterparty’s name and full address
M:95Q::BUYR//Beneficiary’s name
O:97A::SAFE//Beneficiary’s account

a. All eligible denomination requests will be passed on to the specialised depository, which will execute them on a “best efforts” basis, defined as:

  • The specialised depository will deliver the denomination choices requested;
  • The specialised depository will deliver whatever lower denominations can satisfy the request

Delivery of the requested denomination cannot be guaranteed if the instruction is not formatted as above.