Settlement times - International (CBL)


The deadlines shown below are valid provided that the customer's instructions are complete, accurate and eligible for straight-through processing (STP) in CBL and in the local market. Customers must also ensure that any necessary provision is available. If any of these criteria are not met, CBL cannot guarantee timely settlement.

Important Note: As part of CBL’s internal compliance procedures, all incoming customer instructions will be automatically scanned before entering transaction processing.  Instructions that are internally flagged as requiring further manual investigation are set to status pending, with such status immediately reported to the Customer via their chosen media channel(s), until either being manually released for processing or rejected.  In order to ensure that instructions being investigated do not miss the applicable deadlines, Customers are advised to input instructions at least 15 minutes before the associated deadline.

Transactions are free of payment.


Normally, with the exception of customers using the “Mail Box Service”, no instruction must be sent for the receipt of securities in CBL. Securities are credited to the customer account upon receipt of confirmation from the relevant common depository, common service provider or specialised depository.


The provisioning period starts at 21:00 on the business day before Settlement Date (SD-1)and ends at 18:00 on SD.

The deadline for receipt of valid instructions at CBL is 18:00 on SD.